The infrared technologies in automotive industry

Automotive (IR/UV)


We are not for 25 years
in automotive by accident…


Clear warranties on results and benefits

User support throughout the life of the IR system

Local and english documentary


Oven booster
for a shorter convection oven or a higher curing temperature

From the smallest spot repairs
to the largest ones!



References :
OYAK Renault (Bursa),
PSA (Russia, Slovakia, Spain, France),
DACIA (Romania),
SOVAB (France),
SOMACA (Maroc)

For fast and accurate
sealants pregelling
and adhesive crosslinking…

The short infrared power controlled

An integrated process by our experience in automotive lines

Turnkey systems

References :
OYAK Renault (Turkey),
SOMACA (Morocco),
AVTOVAS (Russia),
NOVOMESTO (Slovenia),
RENAULT (France)

auto-300x300-04 auto-300x300-05


… And many other applications such as :

auto-photo-33-300x300 auto-photo-32-300x300 auto-photo-31-300x300
Paint curing on trucks exhaust pipes Acoustic panels pre-heating Parts pre-heating before powder soaking


…with always the aim of easy maintenance
and perfect after sales service!

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