Food Industry (IR / EB)

The infrared technologies in food industry

Food Industry (IR / EB)


As technical treatments …


Electrical short InfraRed

stabilization after packing


Electrical fast medium InfraRed

Core or surface stabilization
Crusting, coating drying




Gas or electrical medium InfraRed

browning, cheese melting, biscuits caramelization,

…Our skills are numerous too


Gas medium InfraRed

baking, drying


Irregularities on your line ?
The booster is here ! An answer
without thermal inertia


The most powerful infrared lines are here !
up to 75kW/m2 in electrical medium wave


Continuous process ovens, static installations or laboratories ovens

A performance superior to the conventional lines in a shorter time and length
Complete automation for easier driving.


Ebeam Technology in the Food Sector

Organisms are destroyed by electrons which break their DNA and it makes them incapable to develop and multiply theirselves. The quantity of energy which will be used is depend on demolition of organisms and conservation of the product quality.

Major Advantage 1 : There is not notable heating for treated products (Such as soften, weight losses…).

Major Advantage 2 : Avoid the steam (dry process)


laboratory and on-site testing opportunities


In Food industry, the heat treatments are complex, we make it easy !


And after ?

Our ovens are designed to facilitate maintenance:

  • transmitters with lifetimes increased by the choice of materials, the design of our ovens
  • removable infrared cartridges
  • A perfect after sales service

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