Radiant technologies in paint curing



Waterbased / solvent coatings, powder and UV/EB coatings…
Each paint needs its technology.


Facilities tailored to the line (paint, substrate, type of line …)
Our chemists are at your service to determine the best technology IR or UV / EB

Gas is available on your site ?
Your solution is surely here

With our mid-IR gas burner, you can boost your oven … or reduce it !
A very high power density (up to 250kW / m²)
Flexibility (level adjustable power percent)
A moderate investment for significant energy savings.peinture02

You prefer electricity …
We offer a wide range of Infrared waves.

The MEDIUM InfraRed to short the MEDIUM Fast and NIR …
We propose a wavelength suitable for your production.
peinture03IR Oven quick way to exhaust
peinture04Booster IR input primary oven on metal plates
peinture05IR Oven for baking powder on auto parts

Up to 700kW / m vertical or horizontal ovens
Controlled for your safety and blowing stream extraction (LEL) and IR ovens own (RTO)
Pyrometric control for reliable and regular firing in all situations

Without forgeting our UV or EB alternatives

Curing times and power can be divided by 2 to 10!


…With our goal of esay maintenace and irreproachable after sale service!

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