We can act at every level of your project:

  • By thermal and economic balance of existing or future facilities,
  • By a clear answer on the best technology to adopt,


Test and Trials in our workshop :


We focus on the development through our dedicated (and equipped) research and industrial testing center :

  • Various applications equipments,
  • Vertical and horizontal aerial conveyor,
  • All Infrared technologies,
  • Many high power density UV lamps,
  • A conveyor wtih Electron Beam,
  • All useful materials for measurment,
  • . . .


Audit and pre-studies on site

For that, we have mobile IR equipments, adapted equipment for measurement and staff trained to work on site and in production time.


Transformation of existing installations

Our technical knowledge allows us to work on all brands facilities and to perform different works :

  • Upgrading to standards,
  • Doping IR or UV systems by replacing the existing by more powerful or more efficient panels,
  • Retrofitting systems with security threat (fire, explosion … especially on paint systems),
  • Adjustment of installations when new productions are arriving.





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