Infrared (IR)


There are three modes for heat/thermal transfer :

Conduction : Energy transfer from a hot part of one object to a colder part of the same object


Convection : Energy transfer by contact between a gas or a solid in motion and a gas, a liquid or a solid

Radiation : Contactless energy transfer from an emitter to an object

InfraRed technology belongs to the family of thermal radiation.


IR wavelengths


The wavelength is determined by the Wien law : λMax = 2.8978 . 10-3 / T (°K)

Choosing the wavelength is crucial in getting the best performance but also in the process type envisioned.


Comparison convection/radiation

ir-sechoir-cheveux-139x139 Convection :

Low power density

Radiation :

High power density



E = β(Tair – Tproduct) E = a(T4transmitter – T4product)



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